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What Do I Want In Life?

What do I want? What matters the most to me? How do I want to live the rest of my life?
Part of me wants to enjoy my children and their children, longtime friends and new acquaintances, the changing of the seasons, travel to historical places and beautiful settings, and being introduced to new thoughts about old problems.
Playing Chinese Checkers with beautiful Brooke (6) and Emily (8), watching base hits driven off the bats of Elliot (8) and Cole (13), sharing ice cream with Charlie (5) and Mason (10), and kissing my wonderful wife, they rank up there with the grandest things in life.
I lunch with each of my sons, listening, learning, and enjoying their expanding stories about life.
Randy, Terry, Monika, and other special friends mix the ingredients of life into a saga of wonder, mystery, and hope.
Things drift further away into distant memory. Pleasures linger longer, holding onto my heart.
Music is softer, the beat is slower, and the lyrics are soulful, except when the spirit bursts into song. Former days of life flash into a brilliant spectrum of blazing color, fading, but leave a lingering presence of knowing. God is my friend.
He is more long-suffering than I am to myself. Every emotion He has given me I have reflected in love or thrown back in anger at Him. Enduring, patient, unfazed, He holds the sacred space of life itself. He dims the evening sky and slowly raises the morning sunlight.
He breaks into my complacency with thunder and lightning. Waters noisily pound their irregular rhythm on the land. But His voice is in the calm lake waters mirroring the splendor of His mercy and grace back to me.
Thanks be to God, my Creator, Maker of heaven and earth.

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  1. g hiestand says:

    Thus, will I be.

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