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The Influence of Others – Purposeful Living


The flyleaf of my well-worn Bible holds the signatures of men and women who influenced me as a teenager. They encouraged me to give my life to God and commit to do his will. Over the years, I have been blessed with other like-minded individuals committed to God, honoring him through their lives, and influencing me as I traveled with them on a purposeful journey of faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Some years later, in my forties  a fifty-six year old associate told me he was pursuing a doctorate. I thought, “Oh what a waste to do it so late in life.” Well, here I am. Having achieved mine at seventy. Do I still think it is a waste to do it so late in life?  I think not.  Actually it has taken me this long and the influence of many people to have adequately prepared me for the task. I found the time of study to be a time of reflection and clarification of much of my learning about purposeful living.

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