Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

Prayer for our Nation

“Dear God, I pray for our nation today; for those who are afraid, and for those who are hopeful. May both groups remember that You are the One who is in control of the universe.

May all of us keep in mind we are mere men and women, humans, all dependent on You for life, liberty, and happiness. For my family, friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans, guide our incoming President and his administration to do what is right, honorable, just, compassionate, fair, and equitable. May they reverence You, hearken to¬† Your Word of Truth, and lead our nation with Your mercy and grace. Though they will most likely never know many of us by name, You know them. And You know us. Make the connection for them and us to be a people who can truly proclaim, ‘In God we trust.’

Help us remember that it is Your Son Jesus Christ Who will reign over the whole earth, in justice, truth, and compassion. Encourage us even in this moment that You are God, our God, and our Saviour through Jesus Christ. In whose name I pray, amen.”

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