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Numbering Our Days Aright

“Dear God, just because we can, it doesn’t mean we have the wisdom to know what we should (be or do). The choices being made by the individual human beings today are fraught with misguided motives, based on distorted information, heading toward questionable ends. In other words, as a human race, we are pretty messed up.

And political correctness isn’t helping the situation. Seems like we’ve lost the wisdom of the ages and are foolishly writing our own rules for life, faith, and justice. O.K. I am a little pessimistic that we’ll reconcile the mess we are in as a nation, being nearly equally divided between social justice and individual responsibility.

What does ‘numbering my days aright’ (Moses, Psalm 90:12) look like? How do I do it? How do I help my clients do it? How do I help my family and friends do it? How is it done? When I was in my youth, I was certain I’d do it (living) right. In my prime of life I gave it (life) my best shot. Now at seventy-two, I’m less sure of many things, and more sure of some things. Maybe that’s why I resonate with Psalm 90.

I’m sure that You are the ‘ Eternal Thou’ and we are the ‘feeble now.’ That Your Word is Sacred. That death is Your final ‘no’ to our getting our own way. That Your mercy is in proportion to Your wrath. And in Jesus Christ is forgiveness, restoration, and resurrection.

May I ‘number my days’ in light of these things I’m sure of. My ‘calling’ (my blessing) is to help individual men and women flourish in community, especially within the context of the Body of Christ, the Church. Help me count each of my remaining days as having been faithful to my ‘calling.’ And may it also be true for those whose lives I touch, especially including my clients, family, and friends. In Jesus. Amen.

Last night I could not light the fireplace, but a simple two-wick candle created a warm glow in the darkness. Symbolically, may that be said of all of us.

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