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the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

How is God building His Church?

Since 1993, I have seriously observed, pondered, explored, and sought an answer to this question:

What I have learned so far:

  • The importance of the individual is never diminished in the collective body of Christ.
  • Inclusion in the Church is guaranteed through personal connection with Jesus Christ.
  • Physical spaces are sacred places wherever His Church gathers.
  • Religious conformity to a church is a questionable sign of righteousness.
  • Godly character is the first requirement for church leadership.
  • True equality is grounded in the creative activity of the Triune God.
  • Individual value/worth is divinely assured through individual uniqueness.
  • God ordains to each person a “gift of blessing” to be both enjoyed and shared.
  • Being “fully alive” in Christ in this life is serious preparation for the life to come.
  • Being “Like Christ” is a person’s unique manifestation of the image/likeness of God.
  • Satan, the Church’s enemy, confuses “earthly pleasure,” with “good and perfect gifts.”
  • The most valued “building materials” of the Church are those that appear least desirable.

These “Essentials” must shape the organizing and operating functions of a local church

Does the above matter?

It’s the most strategic cause/force at work among human beings.

Investing in this eternal cause is a legacy worth making.


How does the above inform me about my purpose?  

Woe is me, if I do not see myself as an active part of this divine mission in the world.

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