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the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

Spiritual Direction Enriches Coaching

I have enhanced my coaching profession through The Transforming Center and Northern Seminary.

My doctoral thesis focuses on helping individual pastors find their unique purpose.  Their personage, that which defines them from everyone else, is intended by God to be a blessing first to themselves and then to others.

he same approach was also applied to the local congregation. The thesis can be found at ……………

Through it all, coaching is still my primary ministry. I help men and women find their calling, purpose, and focus for embracing their life.  It is a delight for both me and my clients to discover who we are as unique individuals, how that is a blessing to ourselves, and through us to others. Key to their success is removing the internal and external barriers to keep it us from our True Purpose© as fully alive people!

I welcome you to join me in this continuing journey.

Much of my blog will focus on learning together to live “fully alive.”

What brings us joy?  What’s getting in the way? How do we become all we are intended to be?

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