Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy

  • God has created you as a creative, resourceful and whole human being!
  • You are magnificent when you are living the “uniquely created” you.
  • Your personality, aptitudes and competencies give you innate powerful resources for living.
  • Coaching is all about listening to your heart, honoring your values, and pursuing your dreams. As your coach I encourage you to understand and call forth from within yourself a life dedicated to be “all you can be.”
  • Through coaching you will more consistently make personal decisions that affirm you, strengthen your relationships, help you grow professionally, and above all, give you a life worthy of celebrating.
  • As a client, you will discover that most of the time you really do know what’s next for you, what’s best for you, or how to handle a situation, etc.
  • You will learn how to say “no” to the voices of fear and self-doubt.  As your coach, I regularly intercede for you to be “all you can be” to you and God.
  • I stand shoulder to shoulder with you; your life is the reason for the partnership, the focus is on what you bring, what you want, and what works for you in the coaching relationship.
  • As a coach, I passionately believe that your life can be magnificent. Both God and I want that for you.  This is your invitation to embrace that life.