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Coaching Guidelines

Terms of Coaching: I invite you to think of coaching as a process. Many people create change for themselves in a short time. However, to refine and sustain the change takes several months. So, I begin the coaching process with a 3-month commitment on both of our parts.

Fees: My coaching fee is $125 per session, payable to Dev-Comm, Inc, to be received in my office by the first day of the month for each session scheduled for the month. A prepaid six-session option is available. It includes six coaching calls for $595 to be used within a six month period. All calls are for 35-45 minutes and include brief e-mails if desired. Ask about optional Assessment Services and fees.

Cancellation: Either party may cancel this agreement upon thirty days written notice. Cancellation must be in writing or email. Fees due at the time of cancellation still remain due and payable. No refunds will normally be made for prepaid sessions.

Coaching Call: You call me at the agreed upon time at 847-391-9040 . If I am out of town at the time of our appointment, I will give you a number to reach me. If you wish to connect with me in between sessions with a challenge, a success or an inquiry, I will make every attempt to respond to your email within 24 hours on weekdays

Reschedule Calls: If you need to reschedule our appointment, please give me 24 hours notice. Unless there is an emergency, if you don’t show up for a call, you will be charged for the appointment. We will normally not make up that time. If I need to reschedule our appointment, I will give you at least 24 hours notice as well.

Openness: If I ever say or do anything that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to my attention so that we can resolve it as soon as possible. My objective is to have a coaching relationship that is fully trusting, honest, real and open.

Your friend and coach,
Galen Hiestand

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