Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

Coaching Agreement

Coach Agreement:

  1. I agree to serve as your coach, to partner with you in identifying your life’s purpose, and to challenge and champion you in achieving your personal and/or professional goals.

  2. I will encourage you to honor your intentions and overcome fears and doubts that hold you back. I will support your courage and determination to forward the action in your life.

  3. During the time we spend in our coaching sessions, I will devote my time, thought and energy to you exclusively. In between our sessions, I may not be readily available, as I will be attending to others, including myself.

  4. I am trained as a coach, not as a psychotherapist or physician, and I am not trained in diagnosing psychological or medical conditions. If any issues come up for you that should be handled by a licensed therapist or physician, I insist that you must attend to your health by contacting the appropriate professional.

  5. As your coach, I will: attentively listen, seek to understand, believe in you and have a personal and professional commitment to your success. You can expect me to offer fresh perspectives, make requests (including homework), challenge you, celebrate your wins, and guarantee utmost confidentiality in this powerful, sacred relationship.

Client Agreement:

  1. I am motivated and committed to living on purpose, intentionally taking action toward my declared personal and professional goals. I realize that less than my full engagement will slow down my progress and hinder my success.

  2. I accept full responsibility for myself and my actions that result from coaching.

  3. I can financially afford the coaching fee of $125 per session. I agree to pay in advance for scheduled monthly sessions. I may choose at any time to prepay for six sessions at the discounted amount of $595. Checks are payable to Dev-Comm, Inc.

  4. For the purpose of advanced certification of my coach I allow my coach to share my client status and my contact information with the International Coach Federation.

  5. I agree not to take any legal action against All You Can Be Coaching, Dev-Comm, Inc or Galen Hiestand, based on any matter relating to the coaching relationship or performance of services within it.

  6. I have read and agree with the terms of both documents: the Guidelines and the Coaching Agreement.

Download Coaching Agreement as a PDF file