Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

Getting Started

The main characters in Huck Finn, Lord of the Rings, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid all have “partners” who share life, aspirations, and experiences together.  In a unique way, that is what you enjoy through my coaching – a dedicated partner who is there for you, cares for you, enjoys listening to your stories, and wants you to “be all you can be”!  We laugh, cry, and grow together. 

You are the focus of the coaching.  What you want, don’t want and what you “feel” within your soul.  It is about being honest to yourself, your relationships, and, yes, being straight up with God who truly wants you to “be all you can be”.  He cares so much, desires so much, and has given so much.  He offers you this opportunity to seek after Him and all  that He has for you.

Take this first step. Call or E-mail me for an introductory coaching session.  It is yours without any future commitments.  You will find the 15 minute session enjoyable, heartfelt, and significant.  Don’t wait till tomorrow.  Call me today – 847-391-9040 or my cell at 847-828-3003.  I look forward to becoming your friend.   


Coaching Guidelines:

Welcome! I look forward with a positive expectation to a coaching relationship that assists you in living the magnificent life God wants you to live. To partner together professionally, I want you to be familiar with the following guidelines.

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Coaching Agreement

Agreements are important.  In pursing a coaching with Coach Galen, please read the Coaching Agreement which detail our individual commitments. 

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