Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

Great Quotes

  • Standing by the Door

    “(They) crave to know where the door is, And all that so many ever find Is only the wall where a door ought to be. They creep along the wall like blind men, With outstretched, groping hands. Feeling for a door, knowing there must be a door, Yet they never find it… So I stand by the door.” from: Samuel Moor Shoemaker, I Stand by the Door

  • False Certainties to True Uncertainities

    “The movement from illusion to prayer is hard to make since it leads us from false certainties to true uncertainties, from an easy support system to a risky surrender, and from the many ‘safe’ gods to the God whose love has no limits.” ¬†From Reaching Out by Nenri J. M. Nouwen.