Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand


  • Your Passion, Personality, and Abilities

    The Pro-Development model is the most helpful tool I have found to give a person a heading in the right direction to living their life purposefully.

  • Satisfy your Desires with Good Things

    Psalm 103;2-5 Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life form the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things.”

  • Symbol of Alligence

    “Dear God Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, uphold Your people with Your mighty arm. Forgive us of our sin of unbelief, self-centered pride, and waywardness through Your Son Jesus Christ as we humble ourselves before Your throne in the presence of a watching world. Being an American citizen is not nearly as important as being a citizen of Your Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. In the coming days may we experience the full measure of both.  In Jesus. Amen.”

  • Prayer for Direction

    “Dear God, You are compassionate to the humble, to those who seek after You. You lift them up. But You bring down those who are haughty. Have mercy on the poor in spirit. Shine Your light on each one who seeks after You. Each heart is known by You. Direct us on the path You have chosen for each of us. By Your wisdom guide our steps even today. Restore our bodies. Refresh our spirits. By Your Holy Spirit bless us abundantly. So be with me and each one of us even at this moment. In Jesus. Amen.”

  • What Do I Want In Life?

    What do I want? What matters the most to me? How do I want to live the rest of my life?   Part of me wants to enjoy my children and their children, longtime friends and new acquaintances, the changing of the seasons, travel to historical places and beautiful settings, and being introduced to new thoughts about old problems.   Playing Chinese Checkers with beautiful Brooke (6) and Emily (8), watching base hits driven off the bats of Elliot (8) and Cole (13), sharing ice cream with Charlie (5) and Mason (10), and kissing my wonderful wife, they rank up there with the grandest things in life.   I lunch with each of my sons, listening, learning, and enjoying their expanding stories about life.  ...

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  • The Influence of Others – Purposeful Living

    The flyleaf of my well-worn Bible holds the signatures of men and women who influenced me as a teenager. They encouraged me to give my life to God and commit to do his will. Over the years, I have been blessed with other like-minded individuals committed to God, honoring him through their lives, and influencing me as I traveled with them on a purposeful journey of faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Some years later, in my forties  a fifty-six year old associate told me he was pursuing a doctorate. I thought, “Oh what a waste to do it so late in life.” Well, here I am. Having achieved mine at seventy. Do I still think it is a waste to do it so late in life? ...

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  • Spiritual Direction Enriches Coaching

    I have enhanced my coaching profession through The Transforming Center and Northern Seminary. My doctoral thesis focuses on helping individual pastors find their unique purpose.  Their personage, that which defines them from everyone else, is intended by God to be a blessing first to themselves and then to others. he same approach was also applied to the local congregation. The thesis can be found at …………… Through it all, coaching is still my primary ministry. I help men and women find their calling, purpose, and focus for embracing their life.  It is a delight for both me and my clients to discover who we are as unique individuals, how that is a blessing to ourselves, and through us to others. Key to their success is...

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  • New Blog and Site Design

    My web designer, who happens to be my son, has updated this website with a new design and blog. Feel free to take a look around and read about my coaching practice. You can also follow along on the blog on the front page. Check back often for more updates.

  • Knowing Your Purpose

    I am currently in a certification program to assist clients in knowing their purpose. More to come later….