Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand


I’ve learned so much about myself through your coaching process. The tools you gave me have continued to shape the way I view myself and others. The work you are doing is touching the souls of those you come into contact with in powerful ways. I have been blessed to be one of those people.

Josiah W.


Thank you for being my coach. Without your coaching, I would still be stuck, mired in the mud of life. How glorious it is to have a divine given purpose and to know that purpose! God has surely blessed you in your work and you, my friend, have most definitely blessed me.

Leta B


Galen’s coaching has helped me clarify my dreams and take steps towards fulfilling them. He probes and nudges and challenges me in a gentle, yet firm manner. I love working with him because he’s such an encourager.  He pushes me to think beyond my current situation so that I can see the bigger picture. I always leave our coaching sessions with renewed passion, clearer vision, and fresh insight.

Steve M


Through coaching I came to realize all my strengths and possibilities in life. Galen helped me to identify those inherent God-given talents in me and how to make them work. I am glad Galen is my Coach and I am sure one could immensely benefit from his coaching.

Mathew M


Galen was a tremendous resource to help me see how I operate in the ‘intention’ vs ‘commitment’ zone.  Working with him also gave me the courage to join the Aspiring Leaders group and he was the key to my taking that deep breath and giving that group a try.

Sue P



Thank you Galen for the wonderful experience of personal coaching…. It was a fun, powerful, and an energizing experience. I learned so much, gaining clarity about myself, my role as a parent, as a business woman and life in general.

Jennifer P