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  • Mackenzie and God

    “Dear God, I saw the movie, ‘The Shack’ last night. It attempts to depict You and MacKenzie dealing with the murder of his daughter Missy. It speaks to a number of questions humans have about You. Some are trivial. Some are profound. Some center on matters of faith and trust. As with all of us, reflections and questions about You are personal, in that they affect our faith relationship with You. Please help us find the answers to our questions about You as if we are Mac in ‘The Shack.’ Lead us to a place of encounter with You. Break through our doubts, our fears, our bitterness, our confusion, our agony, and our pain. Help us come to understand Your love, what forgiveness is, and...

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  • Who Will Know What Next?

    “Dear God, between Jewel Foods, Sam’s Club, Aldi, and Costco they know practically everything Carol and I eat and how often we eat it. Our public, personal, and private lives hold few secrets. Amazon remembers not just what we buy, but what we’ve considered buying. Facebook knows more about our friends than we do. Our phone provider knows who we talk to, who talks to our friends, and who their friends talk to. Quicken knows what we make, how we spend our money, what our savings are and who we give donations to. The medical profession knows us inside and out: Drs. A…, F…, M…, P…, S…, W…, Z…, have made sure of that regarding me. My Internet company knows what I like to watch...

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