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  • Prayer for our Nation

    “Dear God, You are the Almighty One. We are still as Job, silenced as he was when You ask us ‘Can we…?’ for our answer is still ‘no.’ We can not control the sea. We can not control the wind. We can not stop earthquakes, mud slides, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or even the rain and snow. We can not stop hatred, lying, cheating, robbery, and murder. We can’t even stop ourselves from thinking evil of others, wishing ill on our enemies, desiring revenge, cutting ourselves off from those who oppose our point of view. We are no less guilty of injustice than those we accuse of being so. Your righteousness is our only hope. Forgive our sins and heal our land. May we repent as...

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  • A Prayer for Our Nation

    “Dear God, in the midst of the mayhem in the world, the secularization of the church, and the deterioration of civil discourse, have mercy on us. We have lost our sense of what is true and what is false. We seek justice without, while holding deceit within. We consume, instead of showing compassion. We speak words of love, while harboring bitterness and hate. Lord God, have mercy on us. Bring spiritual healing to our nation, restore our family relationships, and help truth prevail. We are an embittered people, hunkered down with fear. Lord God, have mercy on us. Lead us to fresh waters and green pastures. Restore our souls. Bring back hope to our personal worlds. Give us today what we need for life, productivity,...

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  • The Influence of Others – Purposeful Living

    The flyleaf of my well-worn Bible holds the signatures of men and women who influenced me as a teenager. They encouraged me to give my life to God and commit to do his will. Over the years, I have been blessed with other like-minded individuals committed to God, honoring him through their lives, and influencing me as I traveled with them on a purposeful journey of faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Some years later, in my forties  a fifty-six year old associate told me he was pursuing a doctorate. I thought, “Oh what a waste to do it so late in life.” Well, here I am. Having achieved mine at seventy. Do I still think it is a waste to do it so late in life? ...

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