Coach Galen

the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

“It is not a purpose ‘Driven’ life.  It is a purpose ‘Given’ Life.  It is living the life God intended uniquely for you.”  Coach Galen

  • Prayer for Direction

    “Dear God, You are compassionate to the humble, to those who seek after You. You lift them up. But You bring down those who are haughty. Have mercy on the poor in spirit. Shine Your light on each one who seeks after You. Each heart is known by You. Direct us on the path You have chosen for each of us. By Your wisdom guide our steps even today. Restore our bodies. Refresh our spirits. By Your Holy Spirit bless us abundantly. So be with me and each one of us even at this moment. In Jesus. Amen

  • What Do I Want In Life?

    What do I want? What matters the most to me? How do I want to live the rest of my life?   Part of me wants to enjoy my children and their children, longtime friends and new acquaintances, the changing of the seasons, travel to historical places and beautiful settings, and being introduced to new thoughts about old problems.   Playing Chinese Checkers with beautiful Brooke (6) and Emily (8), watching base hits driven off the bats of Elliot (8) and Cole (13), sharing ice cream with Charlie (5) and Mason (10), and kissing my wonderful wife, they rank up there with the grandest things in life.   I lunch with each of my sons, listening, learning, and enjoying their expanding stories about life.  ...

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  • Mackenzie and God

    “Dear God, I saw the movie, ‘The Shack’ last night. It attempts to depict You and MacKenzie dealing with the murder of his daughter Missy. It speaks to a number of questions humans have about You. Some are trivial. Some are profound. Some center on matters of faith and trust. As with all of us, reflections and questions about You are personal, in that they affect our faith relationship with You. Please help us find the answers to our questions about You as if we are Mac in ‘The Shack.’ Lead us to a place of encounter with You. Break through our doubts, our fears, our bitterness, our confusion, our agony, and our pain. Help us come to understand Your love, what forgiveness is, and...

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