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the coaching practice of Galen Hiestand

Living life fully alive is the heart of Galen’s passion. He calls forth his clients to listen to their heart, to believe in their resourcefulness, and to be creative in realizing their dreams.

What is Coaching?

If you are wondering what coaching is and why you would want to pursue a coach, learn more here.


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An Invitation to Coaching

You are invited to live your life in the way that God uniquely created you to live! Learn more here.


  • Here From Unintentional Blog Sabbatical

    I am back from an unintentional blog Sabbatical. In early 2009 we began an intense time of caring for Carol’s mom who experienced rapid decline in health.  After her death later that year, we continued to care for Carol’s dad who was living independently close by.  I also was traveling back to PA for extended weekends every two months to help care for my mother.  In September 2012 mom passed away (at 96 years of age).   Soon after, Carol’s dad broke his hip and we took him into our home until he passed away in May 2014. Meanwhile I was expanding my coaching profession to include spiritual direction through The Transforming Center and Northern Seminary. I completed my classes in the spring of 2014 and...

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  • Thoughts about the “inner voice”

    My heart is more likely to hear the inner voice of God than is my head. That’s a new thought to me. Deep within my heart is a God “desire” that has been disappointed by all the false voices that came “calling” to me over the years – yet my heart still desires to hear the voice of God. God comes calling to my soul with His invitation. He extends His hand to me. The look in His eyes tells me He hasn’t forgotten. He remembers the part in “His Play” He planned for me. And amazingly, so does my soul – its creator, designer, and most of all, friend. The stage was set for me. The moment for my appearance came. In a single...

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  • New Blog and Site Design

    My web designer, who happens to be my son, has updated this website with a new design and blog. Feel free to take a look around and read about my coaching practice. You can also follow along on the blog on the front page. Check back often for more updates.